From a Black Woman’s Soul to a White Man’s Heart: We Became the Face of True Diversity and Equity


When my director asked me to take on the responsibility of being our Equity and Inclusion Liaison, it was not an easy decision for me to make. I knew from the bottom of my heart that not all agree with me being so blatantly honest about how I feel about separation and division going on in our country. You see, I was never one to use color as a reason to see someone differently. Our world paints it’s own picture of who they believe each of us to be.

How do we change anyone’s perception of who we are when they have been raised to believe they are superior to another? In my own mind, I believe all of us have a choice in the way we respond when given the chance to speak truthfully and freely. It’s all in the way we react to that which has been placed before us. I ask that we all become one and unite for a purpose to collectively make America Great.

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