An unbelievable personal journey. The author overcomes overwhelming adversity to a place of healing and spiritual growth. She maintains her focus on her kids and fostering a nurturing home life in the face of seemingly impossible challenges. ”Robbed of a Childhood“ is presented in a clear and real voice. For anyone interested in learning about the life of an abuse survivor and overcoming the odds, this book is a must read.

Dr. Tim Hansen PhD

Mary has a testimony that will benefit everyone. Her life experiences and life journey is sad, brave and compelling. She inspires all to be courageous no matter what.

Hattie Bonds

A woman of strength and determination. Mary is the most inspiring friend I have met. Despite what hardships she has been through or what she may face in the future, she will persevere through life.

Roxy Zenker

I am in awe of and so proud of Sunny. I met her more than 10 years ago; a colleague advocating on behalf of homeless individuls and families. I appreciated and respected her then, not knowing of the challenges she’d faced on the way to her professional role in our industry.

To subsequently learn about what significant challenges this beautiful woman overcame in order to be a mentor, role model and committed adocate on behalf of the many currently without a voice or power is almost overwhelming.

I too hope that Sunny is recognized nationally, and that her story and committment continues to serve as a catalyst for others seeking help, a voice and a truth-telling advocate. Peace and Blessings Sunny! I’m so proud of you.

Irma Poe

My grandmother has faced continual sexual abuse by stepbrothers, stepfather, an ex-boyfriend and a first cousin. Though these men have trampled, beaten, and hurt her spirit, she survived with a prevailing smile. Amongst the black community, she is known for her independent wills and community volunteerism.

My grandmother teaches us to reach our goals and move through the struggles by repenting from mistakes and deriving lessons from the error of others. I affirm to never allow history to repeat itself in me. In my college at Mankato State University, I am amazed during her speeches at how she captures the audiences minds and emotions no matter what race, gender or age.

I was also moved during her speech last fall to notice that the young men were not texting and to me that was really powerful (I always catch them texting, even during class!!). She is a very gifted speaker and I see this in the tears of several people as she instills hope into their souls.