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We live in a world that has many challenges, but Sunny helps you and those you serve feel inspired to achieve and embrace a new way to connect. This is our mission which will motivate and stimulate your thoughts beyond what’s present to what’s possible now. We desire you to have a breakthrough attitude to bridge new pathways to lasting beginnings. If you are looking to have a workforce, family, or congregation teamed together for change and leadership, you should not miss this empowering experience as you become the agent of change you want to be.


Sunny is a five-star national author of four published books that tell her story and further open up minds. She is a rape and abuser survivor. Her books help her readers learn that they too go from just being aware, to free.


Sunny’s real-life experiences allow her to connect and relate to a variety of people. Her videos demonstrate a great knack for connecting interpersonally with people of similar or even different backgrounds from her own.


Sunny is a keynote speaker for training sessions, and conducts workshops on healing and implementing programs for affected individuals. Watch for her upcoming engagements, or contact her for your event.

An unbelievable personal journey. The author overcomes overwhelming adversity to a place of healing and spiritual growth. She maintains her focus on her kids and fostering a nurturing home life in the face of seemingly impossible challenges. ”Robbed of a Childhood“ is presented in a clear and real voice. For anyone interested in learning about the life of an abuse survivor and overcoming the odds, this book is a must read.

Dr. Tim Hansen PhD

Mary has a testimony that will benefit everyone. Her life experiences and life journey is sad, brave and compelling. She inspires all to be courageous no matter what.

Hattie Bonds

A woman of strength and determination. Mary is the most inspiring friend I have met. Despite what hardships she has been through or what she may face in the future, she will persevere through life.

Roxy Zenker

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