Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System


The nightmare began on day two for little six-year-old Sunny. That day she was sexually molested by her stepbrother, on a remote Tennessee farm. The abuse by her stepfather and stepbrothers didn’t stop for another five years, until Sunny’s mother loses her battle with cancer. When Sunny and her brother, Toby, are sent to live with their father and stepmother in Indianapolis, Sunny is once again thrown into an abusive environment where she endures abuse daily by her stepmother.



“Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System is the autobiography of Sunny Love, an adult survivor of child abuse. Sunny was six years old when her stepbrother raped her. For the next five years, her stepfather and stepbrothers continued their reign of sexual abuse. Upon the death of her mother, Sunny and her brother Toby went to live with their father. Their stepmother seemed to enjoy beating her and did so at every opportunity. Her stepmother was an overweight, lazy woman that lay around while forcing Sunny to do all the housework. This was not a punishment for Sunny’s point of view. She loved order and neatness and did not mind cleaning. She became pregnant when her boyfriend raped her. Her stepmother insisted she have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption but Sunny refused. Sunny gave birth to five children and continued to make bad decisions throughout her life. She did what she had to in order to support her family, from working as an exotic dancer to a massage therapist. She heard a wake-up call when she was accused of prostitution and acquitted. That one moment and several years of therapy caused her to turn 180 degrees. She is now an advocate for those who have been incarcerated and those leaving abusive situations.

Author Sunny Love bares her soul in her book Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System. My soul ached for the child that was so tortured. Her stepbrother and step-father stole her childhood. Then the repeated beatings from her stepmother were horrendous. While most of this book tells of the horror of Sunny’s life, it also tells of the triumph. She overcame the abuse and said goodbye to the men who would hold her back. She writes this book to give others hope for the future. I admire Sunny Love for her strength and courage.”

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers’ Favorite

“The book ”Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System“ is an extraordinary read for anyone who has been raped, been prostituted, or just knows someone who this has happened to.

I give great credit to the author who is the victim in this book for sharing her story with the world. This book can enlighten anyone who ever wondered what happens to a child who has been raped, abused and been lost in the system. It goes to show that this kind of situation can happen right next door and you would not know it. Or maybe, someone does know about it and just looks the other way. This is how I felt this woman as a child was done. This book also shows a young girl/boy, women become victims in the slavery of prostitution. It also opens up the minds of how the mind of a ”pimp“ thinks, and I would recommend this book to be read by men…This book would be a great read for a book club. (Usually, just my opinion, a great read for a closed minded person). It also would be a great read for any institution working in child protection etc. I would hope this book will reach the eyes of Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, for I think it would make an extraordinary movie. I again, applaud the writer, author and victim of this book for she is a friend of mine. She shared some of her life with me, but I never heard it as it was told in the book. I cried throughout the book because I know her and it hurt me to know the pain and suffering she went through. But she is the women of today. I can say only God could have got her through all that she went through.”

Estell Jones

“This book was an extremely difficult read. The idea that there are people in the world that have experienced such unimaginable pain is heart breaking. The only relief is knowing that the author is a remarkable woman, smart, strong, and forgiving. She is truly an inspiration.”


“This book is a must read for those that still have not found their voice. The individual that has secrets of her/his life due to secual abuse, physical abuse as well as mental abuse needs to know that they are understood and loved as any one of us. Sunny’s book talked frankly an honestly to those Adult survivors of child abuse as well as the professionals in the human service circle. She talks about her struggles and finally triumphs that there is life after pain. Sunny shows how she could not have explored the possibilities of reaching for the sky until she dealt with pain from the past lives, without having first worked with the wounds she had buried deep inside. Hats off to a beautiful spirit of a woman that is making a difference for those that still have not found their voice.”

Amelia Grein – Chemical Dependency Director

“OMG when I started reading Mary’s book “Robbed of My Childhood and Raped by the System” I could not put it down. It is a very powerful book and I’m just amazed as how Mary has been able to put the traumatic events of her life behind her and move on. Her ability to forgives is something I don’t think a lot of people could do and that alone is one big reason why she has moved on and been very successful in her life. Her book is truly a five star book. Congratulations Mary!!”

Lois Freiermuth

“I have recently read Mary awesome book Robbed of a Childhood, Raped by the System this book was so compelling, open and honest. I couldn’t put it down had I completed the book in a day! Thank you for inspiring me to continue my mission to help others! Be Blessed”

Audrey Clausen

“I want to thank you for writing that book. It is truly a page-turner, difficult to put down, and WHAT A MIRACLE YOU ARE!!! It doesn’t work for you to be NOT a BEST SELLER because the world NEEDS your perspective, your honesty, your healing energy. This is such a good book, and I’m a critic!

Chris Tuhy